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Nick Pallett spent many years as a professional musician-singer, songwriter & band-member, touring & recording all over the UK, in Europe, the USA, Australia & the South Pacific islands, covering a range of styles to include prog rock, folk, soul, reggae, jazz & musical theatre.

He then trained as a lecturer/music teacher specialising in guitar, bass & keyboards and worked for the Bristol & Bath education authorities.


The idea for a Concept Album, ‘Opera’, or Stage Musical, arose several years ago, inspired by a lifelong passion for Astronomy & The History of Science.  But, with so many work-life commitments, it was very much put on the ‘back-burner’. Then when the pandemic struck, Nick found he had a lot more time at home, and so decided to just get on with it!


To quote Nick…. ” It’s been quite liberating without the constraints of having to try and write three-minute/four-chord commercial songs about relationships or ‘how I’m feeling’!  More of a challenge, for me at least, has been to portray such concepts as Geometry, and a 17th Century Witch Trial, as song lyrics, while still recognising the need for a catchy melody and a good ‘hook’!   I hope I’ve succeeded.”

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The primary inspiration for this work has been Arthur Koestler’s

“The Watershed” - a masterful story of the tortured life and towering accomplishments of Johannes Kepler (1571-1630), taken from “The Sleepwalkers” by the same author (Hutchinson 1959)


In addition, Mr Pallett has borrowed shamelessly from the following:


“Kepler” by Max Caspar – official biography (Abelard-Schuman 1948)


“Kepler” by John Banville – a novel  (Granada 1981)


“Johannes Kepler & the New Astronomy” by James R Voelkel (OUP 1999) 


“Hamlet” by William Shakespeare 1609


 “Zen Telegrams” by Paul Reps  1959


 “The Simpsons”  written by Matt Groening / Sky Television


  as well as translations of two of Kepler’s original works:

  “Somnium” & “Harmony of the World”.

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